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A decentralized exchange (also known as a DEX) is an exchange market that does not rely on a 3rd party service to hold the client funds but instead trades occur directly between users (peer to peer) through an automated process.

A total of 10 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x5ede3f4e7203bf1f12d57af1810448e5db20f46cCafeSwap: Factory0 MATIC2
0x9055682e58c74fc8ddbfc55ad2428ab1f96098fcCafeswap: Router0 MATIC234,083
0xca2deac853225f5a4dfc809ae0b7c6e39104fce5CafeSwap: Staking0 MATIC434,242
0xa102072a4c07f06ec3b4900fdc4c7b80b6c57429DFYN Network: Router0 MATIC1,694,375
0x2fa4334cfd7c56a0e7ca02bd81455205fcbdc5e9DODO: Router19.72540419 MATIC92,907
0x1a1ec25dc08e98e5e93f1104b5e5cdd298707d31Metamask: Swap Router0 MATIC5,641,903
0xa5e0829caced8ffdd4de3c43696c57f7d7a678ffQuickSwap: Router0 MATIC38,802,827
Sum of 7 Accounts19.72540419 MATIC8,097,512

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