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A list of tokens, contracts or addresses which have been deprecated by their projects.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0xcc649f54645f09751b3f3e7bef57abfd6a8885dc0 MATIC8
0xc2544a32872a91f4a553b404c6950e89de901fdbFrax Finance:Fraxswap Factory V10 MATIC4
0x9bc2152fd37b196c0ff3c16f5533767c9a983971Frax Finance:Fraxswap Router V10 MATIC95,891
0x7af43f23f33642c4ea8bf10211a26d5a028a555fGains Network: Callbacks 10 MATIC6
0x1e87e8703883a46ccdec4c8868043abe40235bedGains Network: Callbacks 20 MATIC1
0xd39a38bd2d2d552f3908ff698a5530aa397fb92dGains Network: Dev Fund12.94169886 MATIC534
0x8aaaff79c94debf411d4a4166c1aeab7a63ebeecGains Network: GFarm Aggregator V50 MATIC130

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