MATIC Price: $0.687729 (-3.44%)
Gas: 30 GWei


Related labels Tokens (29)
A gateway connecting one network to another.
AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0xBBbD1BbB...4071dE884 Allbridge: Bridge21.2801 MATIC54,405
0xF78765bd...44ad12F47 Biconomy: Hyphen Bridge2.7487358 MATIC50,433
0x88DCDC47...8bB958a78 Celer Network: cBridge0.0492704 MATIC658,241
0xa251c469...513D8Ac5C Celer Network: cBridge 2.00 MATIC14,579
0xdEF78a28...88f812AD8 Cerby: Bridge Fees Wallet0.00000068 MATIC392
0xEf038429...2A43D4278 Cerby: Cross-Chain Bridge0 MATIC412
0x43dE2d77...4f38398aA deBridgeGate22,427.91 MATIC26,068

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