Accounts Aave

Aave is an Open Source and Non-Custodial protocol to earn interest on deposits & borrow assets.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0xf329e36c7bf6e5e86ce2150875a84ce77f477375Aave: aAAVE Token V30 MATIC3,947
0x8437d7c167dfb82ed4cb79cd44b7a32a1dd95c77Aave: aAGEUR Token V30 MATIC388
0xb023e699f5a33916ea823a16485e259257ca8bd1Aave: Aave Oracle V30 MATIC3
0xd6df932a45c0f255f85145f286ea0b292b21c90bAave: AAVE Token0 MATIC315,193
0x8ffdf2de812095b1d19cb146e4c004587c0a0692Aave: aBAL Token V30 MATIC602
0xa72636cbcaa8f5ff95b2cc47f3cdee83f3294a0bAave: ACL Manager V30 MATIC15
0x513c7e3a9c69ca3e22550ef58ac1c0088e918fffAave: aCRV Token V30 MATIC1,340

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