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# Token Price Change (%) Volume (24H)  Circulating Market Cap On-Chain Market Cap Holders
0.000043 BTC0.827739 MATIC
-0.14%$36,455,858,966.00$68,002,061,537.00   $712,421,938.00   1,134,670


Binance aims to build a world-class crypto exchange, powering the future of crypto finance.

0.014241 BTC271.375311 MATIC
-1.22%$916,235,889.00$44,189,302,416.00   $5,896.00   27

USD Coin (PoS) (USDC)

USD Coin is an ERC-20 stablecoin brought to you by Circle and Coinbase. It is issued by regulated and licensed financial institutions that maintain full reserves of the equivalent fiat currency.

0.000043 BTC0.827649 MATIC
-0.19%$2,799,369,670.00$41,975,936,338.00   $869,869,573.00   1,312,072

binance-usd (BUSD)

Binance USD (BUSD) is a dollar-backed stablecoin issued and custodied by Paxos Trust Company, and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services. BUSD is available directly for sale 1:1 with USD on and will be listed for trading on Binance.

0.000044 BTC0.829329 MATIC
-0.04%$7,845,468,250.00$22,177,582,493.00   $195,681.00   3,583

Matic Token (MATIC)

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

0.000053 BTC1.002486 MATIC
-3.15%$585,487,004.00$10,874,289,227.00   $12,100,000,000.00   79,439

Avalanche Token (AVAX)

Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality, and has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol.

0.000876 BTC16.685998 MATIC
-3.79%$349,407,669.00$6,342,383,777.00   $648,830.00   18,939

Uniswap (PoS) (UNI)

The Uniswap protocol empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

0.000301 BTC5.733223 MATIC
-3.56%$148,859,292.00$5,217,875,796.00   $2,338,199.00   26,864

(PoS) Dai Stablecoin (DAI)

Multi-Collateral Dai, brings a lot of new and exciting features, such as support for new CDP collateral types and Dai Savings Rate.

0.000043 BTC0.828191 MATIC
-0.20%$107,739,548.00$5,106,749,250.00   $140,424,915.00   922,150

(PoS) Wrapped BTC (WBTC)

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is an ERC20 token backed 1:1 with Bitcoin. Completely transparent. 100% verifiable. Community led.

0.997565 BTC19,009.942005 MATIC
-1.52%$106,739,376.00$4,053,174,375.00   $129,295,075.00   220,544

ChainLink Token (LINK)

A blockchain-based middleware, acting as a bridge between cryptocurrency smart contracts, data feeds, APIs and traditional bank account payments.

0.000304 BTC5.799503 MATIC
-2.45%$246,012,748.00$3,443,670,090.00   $7,000,000,000.00   4,458

ChainLink Token (LINK)

Polygon bridged LINK token.

0.000304 BTC5.799503 MATIC
-2.45%$246,012,748.00$3,443,670,090.00   $10,711,645.00   42,005

Bitfinex LEO Token (LEO)

A utility token designed to empower the Bitfinex community and provide utility for those seeking to maximize the output and capabilities of the Bitfinex trading platform.

0.000159 BTC3.032312 MATIC
4.04%$421,505.00$3,407,680,874.00   -   5

ApeCoin (PoS) (APE)

ApeCoin found new expression in web3 through art, gaming, entertainment, and events. APE is a token made to support what’s next, controlled, and built on by the community. It will serve as a decentralized protocol layer for community-led initiatives that drive culture forward into the metaverse.

0.000249 BTC4.739022 MATIC
-2.32%$132,633,695.00$2,110,159,442.00   $108,428.00   758

Cronos Coin (CRO)

Pay and be paid in crypto anywhere, with any crypto, for free.

0.000004 BTC0.067365 MATIC
-2.09%$30,359,879.00$2,053,102,961.00   $7,667.00   90

Lido DAO Token (PoS) (LDO)

Lido is a liquid staking solution for Ethereum. Lido lets users stake their ETH - with no minimum deposits or maintaining of infrastructure - whilst participating in on-chain activities, e.g. lending, to compound returns. LDO is an ERC20 token granting governance rights in the Lido DAO.

0.000090 BTC1.714996 MATIC
-5.47%$125,671,018.00$1,738,974,774.00   $1,090,074.00   7,377

Fantom Token (FTM)

Fantom is a high-performance, scalable, customizable, and secure smart-contract platform. It is designed to overcome the limitations of previous generation blockchain platforms. Fantom is permissionless, decentralized, and open-source.

0.000025 BTC0.469756 MATIC
-7.09%$409,621,989.00$1,574,200,799.00   $11,225.00   236

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications.

0.000032 BTC0.613090 MATIC
-3.80%$151,335,270.00$1,347,735,333.00   $3,323,035.00   51,145
0.000032 BTC0.613671 MATIC
-3.92%$198,630,521.00$1,299,567,919.00   $123,605,887.00   57,027

Aave (PoS) (AAVE)

Aave is an open source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets.

0.003758 BTC71.607291 MATIC
-2.12%$86,017,883.00$1,232,947,052.00   $20,355,734.00   215,579

Graph Token (GRT)

The Graph is an indexing protocol and global API for organizing blockchain data and making it easily accessible with GraphQL.

0.000006 BTC0.110725 MATIC
20.41%$375,364,894.00$1,190,933,201.00   $961,409.00   7,034

Theta Token (PoS) (THETA)

A decentralized peer-to-peer network that aims to offer improved video delivery at lower costs.

0.000048 BTC0.911350 MATIC
-1.15%$49,551,008.00$1,102,016,217.00   $997.00   3

Frax (FRAX)

Frax is a fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol. It aims to provide a highly scalable, decentralized, algorithmic money in place of fixed-supply assets like BTC. Additionally, FXS is the value accrual and governance token of the entire Frax ecosystem.

0.000043 BTC0.826369 MATIC
-0.28%$13,291,352.00$1,020,938,982.00   $3,384,634.00   32,955


A regulated, exchange-independent stablecoin backed 1-for-1 with US Dollars.

0.000043 BTC0.827524 MATIC
-0.14%$49,572,526.00$947,446,615.00   $779,245.00   4,425

HuobiToken (HT)

Huobi Global is a world-leading cryptocurrency financial services group.

0.000242 BTC4.614747 MATIC
-0.98%$16,236,430.00$904,001,660.00   $2,039.00   96

Paxos Standard (PAX)

Paxos Standard is regulated crypto asset fully collateralized 1:1 by the U.S. dollar, approved and regulated by the NYDFS.

0.000043 BTC0.823989 MATIC
-0.56%$1,701,515.00$899,185,007.00   $367.00   18

Synthetix Network Token (PoS) (SNX)

Synthetix is the backbone for derivatives trading in DeFi, allowing anyone, anywhere to gain on-chain exposure to a vast range of assets.

0.000113 BTC2.145816 MATIC
-3.85%$65,390,231.00$810,238,668.00   $248,702.00   4,711


Curve is an exchange liquidity pool designed for: extremely efficient stablecoin trading, low risk, supplemental fee income for liquidity providers, without an opportunity cost.

0.000046 BTC0.869097 MATIC
-4.98%$90,204,300.00$782,921,702.00   $9,883,474.00   30,276

chiliZ (CHZ)

Chiliz is the sports and fan engagement blockchain platform, that signed leading sports teams.

0.000006 BTC0.117002 MATIC
-1.96%$147,572,733.00$754,858,444.00   $4,573.00   154

Rocket Pool (RPL)

Rocket Pool is a decentralised Ethereum Proof of Stake pool designed to be compatible with Casper.

0.001695 BTC32.294946 MATIC
-3.51%$6,729,438.00$745,226,905.00   $45,373.00   5

Frax Share (FXS)

FXS is the value accrual and governance token of the entire Frax ecosystem. Frax is a fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol. It aims to provide highly scalable, decentralized, algorithmic money in place of fixed-supply assets like BTC.

0.000437 BTC8.326429 MATIC
-3.04%$23,540,427.00$737,640,356.00   $1,085,752.00   4,514

Decentralized USD (PoS) (USDD)

USDD is a fully decentralized over-collateralization stablecoin.

0.000043 BTC0.820895 MATIC
-0.23%$31,849,415.00$718,699,703.00   $7,906.00   51

Maker (MKR)

Maker is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that creates and insures the dai stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain

0.030556 BTC582.278376 MATIC
0.46%$26,747,395.00$633,453,534.00   $62,550.00   565

Gemini dollar (GUSD)

Gemini dollar combines the creditworthiness and price stability of the U.S. dollar with blockchain technology and the oversight of U.S. regulators.

0.000043 BTC0.827407 MATIC
-0.05%$170,829.00$570,894,767.00   $19,135.00   37

Render Token (RNDR)

RenderToken (RNDR) is a distributed GPU rendering network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, aiming to connect artists and studios in need of GPU compute power with mining partners willing to rent their GPU capabilities out.

0.000080 BTC1.516156 MATIC
9.09%$187,365,061.00$547,293,059.00   $3,174,045.00   3,349

Paxos Gold (PAXG)

PAX Gold (PAXG) tokens each represent one fine troy ounce of an LBMA-certified, London Good Delivery physical gold bar, secured in Brink’s vaults.

0.080889 BTC1,541.449876 MATIC
-0.15%$9,894,148.00$496,757,529.00   $174,890.00   354

SingularityNET Token (AGIX)

Decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence.

0.000018 BTC0.334051 MATIC
23.91%$364,865,855.00$483,303,872.00   $31,754.00   257

LoopringCoin V2 (LRC)

Loopring is a DEX protocol offering orderbook-based trading infrastructure, zero-knowledge proof and an auction protocol called Oedax (Open-Ended Dutch Auction Exchange).

0.000016 BTC0.311409 MATIC
-6.44%$95,604,620.00$468,345,857.00   $2,603.00   121

EnjinCoin (ENJ)

Customizable cryptocurrency and virtual goods platform for gaming.

0.000020 BTC0.384737 MATIC
-3.23%$55,802,474.00$464,887,278.00   $13,918.00   33

1INCH Token (1INCH)

1inch is a decentralized exchange aggregator that sources liquidity from various exchanges and is capable of splitting a single trade transaction across multiple DEXs. Smart contract technology empowers this aggregator enabling users to optimize and customize their trades.

0.000026 BTC0.487837 MATIC
-1.64%$109,324,485.00$457,666,240.00   $91,167.00   3,524

Fetch (FET) is building tools and infrastructure to enable a decentralized digital economy by combining AI, multi-agent systems and advanced cryptography.

0.000018 BTC0.342600 MATIC
24.55%$462,245,985.00$433,440,040.00   $414.00   25

Nexo (NEXO)

Instant Crypto-backed Loans

0.000034 BTC0.639619 MATIC
-2.54%$5,642,241.00$432,242,126.00   $258,013.00   761


The Basic Attention Token is the new token for the digital advertising industry.

0.000013 BTC0.239457 MATIC
1.87%$144,176,781.00$431,240,324.00   $26,333.00   906

Wootrade Network (WOO)

WOO Network connects global liquidity, quantitative strategies, and top market makers to provide exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms with democratized access to deep liquidity. WOO Token is used within WOO Network's CeFi and DeFi products with staking, discount, and governance utilities.

0.000035 BTC0.671300 MATIC
7.98%$69,833,239.00$394,609,354.00   $24,812,505.00   3,179

HoloToken (HOT)

Holo is a decentralized hosting platform based on Holochain, designed to be a scalable development framework for distributed applications.

0.000000 BTC0.001780 MATIC
-4.56%$20,125,503.00$381,895,903.00   $15,986.00   101

(PoS) Compound (COMP)

Compound is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for developers, to unlock a universe of open financial applications.

0.002303 BTC43.885667 MATIC
-0.92%$35,099,673.00$363,279,457.00   $62,452.00   4,279

Wrapped UST Token (UST)

The Terra blockchain is secured through distributed consensus over native staked asset Luna, and supports the issuance of price-tracking stablecoins (TerraKRW, TerraUSD, etc.) that are pegged to major world currencies.

0.000001 BTC0.026612 MATIC
-9.17%$74,243,694.00$314,839,949.00   $134,986.00   5,319

Mask Network (MASK)

Mask Network allows users to encrypt content when posting on You-Know-Where and only the users and their friends can decrypt them.

0.000197 BTC3.744822 MATIC
-9.50%$180,827,641.00$308,420,376.00   $1,350,160.00   1,452

Gnosis (GNO)

Crowd Sourced Wisdom - The next generation blockchain network. Speculate on anything with an easy-to-use prediction market

0.005123 BTC97.630489 MATIC
-1.07%$2,308,477.00$304,928,919.00   $1,178.00   370

Injective Token (INJ)

Injective is a layer-2 DEX that unlocks the potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi.

0.000157 BTC2.999171 MATIC
-7.08%$66,100,278.00$282,076,941.00   $1,777.00   15

IoTeX Network (IOTX)

IoTeX is the next generation of the IoT-oriented blockchain platform with vast scalability, privacy, isolatability, and developability. IoTeX connects the physical world, block by block.

0.000001 BTC0.024723 MATIC
-2.04%$9,852,241.00$281,547,109.00   $35,909.00   38
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