MATIC Price: $0.727581 (-0.45%)
Gas: 30 GWei

Polygon PoS Chain Token Approval

Review and revoke your token approvals for any dApp. For more information, check out our Knowledge Base article.

$8.92 at risk

Transaction Hash Last Updated (UTC) Assets Approved Spender Original Allowance
0x67c0482a0bc14fb9d0f9989e469d1a699a69055c3fad83f66c33901afcef716b 2024-03-20 20:18:25 891,894,526.797260511 NFTBS
0xc5a68a126b2c7945cc082fbdaf85d54e0593f6d5130b8fc1dcd2508501661170 2024-03-20 18:06:09 891,894,119.256190149 NFTBS
0x95803bb825ec0aa7a6f0c361ddba1a58f6949afbeb048bb43655b102b9a86a4f 2024-03-20 17:52:32 936,488,812.087159945 NFTBS

The Token Approvals page lists contracts that have been approved to spend an address’s tokens. The at risk amount shows what is vulnerable if the contracts were hacked. Learn more about this page in our Knowledge Base.