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The process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a network.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x9242559e737380e9ab79f3633e9b2aa12c87ac56Advalorem: Staking0 MATIC8
0x25b1742e61722e7d9d6c1263fdc987ba89563461Aimedis : Ecosystem Incentives Token Locker0 MATIC0
0xf609cd040e320525f49f58cd56ebcf8d2864d239Aimedis: Foundation Token Locker0 MATIC1
0xcd9b59e23e7a9c8e70d59f37e2439a0971b9b10eAimedis: Staking Token Locker0 MATIC1
0xb82b44846e578b66fb47ae0c6426237d29084cb4Aimedis: Team Token Locker0 MATIC1
0xe645d18bdc873a561b36169a3b60025553fbc58cAimedis: Treasury Token Locker0 MATIC1
0x6ad70613d14c34aa69e1604af91c39e0591a132eAugury Finance: Masterchef Staking 0 MATIC1,167,383

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