Accounts Set Protocol

Set Protocol is an Ethereum-native DeFi primitive that leverages existing Open Finance protocols to allow for the bundling of crypto-assets into fully collateralised baskets, which are represented as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x24108e0a71d7c8b252edb15bc0e0cb627bb64a28Set: Crypto Family Fund0 MATIC191
0xfbeedd1a63c14677b3440b1d40668b5df9df8273Set: DEX Innovation Index0 MATIC608
0xf0e9b95e42ec5c28d0b4da7a816bfb7423193a67Set: ETHBTC PolyStrategy0 MATIC818
0x9847cb15e384a16d91293f1e7502d1c4d937de90Set: Ethereum Eco Swing Strategy0 MATIC0
0x2177ccfa776387f6cc4e3dd5cd83509b06e90c58Set: Food Maxi Index0 MATIC1,063
0x00c143b546b6a66bb37217917ba99a7f4b60c55aSet: PermaBear Index0 MATIC2,437
0x38891a2d24f71440f58aa1c6b9739fe93aa416d2Set: Polymorphed Crypto Kai Index0 MATIC2,065

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