Accounts Old Contract

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Contracts/addresses which are migrating or have migrated to a new contract/address. This includes token swaps as well.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0xc8e36f0a44fbeca89fdd5970439cbe62eb4b5d03AdEx Network: Old ADX Token0 MATIC336
0x28cac3219cde0e7abe91c80033b9e470740afde0AltaFin: Old raAFN Token0 MATIC1
0xca4d1ae53e08f4dc432c3a7ed92afeabcfe33439AltaFin: Old rdAFN Token0 MATIC2 Old AWX Token0 MATIC0
0xaee0ffb690b37449b7f1c49b199e1e3ec6084490Aurus: Old AWG Token0 MATIC1,125
0x24ad14a4f0bb79a9dcf201514cb0e651c79db76bAurus: Old AWS Token0 MATIC418
0xa96d47c621a8316d4f9539e3b38180c7067e84caAurus: Old AWS Token 20 MATIC1,306

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