Accounts Market Protocol

Market Protocol allows anyone to create isolated interest rate markets that enable borrowing and lending of any token based asset which supports the ERC-20 specification.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x606af64e16bf85f587e9ac27fa2e8461c5258321Market Protocol: Beefy LP Master Price Oracle V20 MATIC7
0x00cb8686a4ddcb60565f8a0f1a10307ec1d91b58Market Protocol: Chainlink Price Oracle V20 MATIC4
0xb1205172aadaad4c67318ea77a34c1f1caa784eeMarket Protocol: Fee Distributor0 MATIC4
0x29535b9035500827fff73206e17a3d16635a1b48Market Protocol: Fuse Safe Liquidator0 MATIC1
0x5beb233453d3573490383884bd4b9cba0663218aMarket Protocol: Green Average Locker0 MATIC10,413
0x70e84d964b59bc3609254e0e1f259afe6809ee11Market Protocol: Index Coop Pool0 MATIC252
0x5a8a67541c024916b83943f4a1cec372f3826daaMarket Protocol: Lens V30 MATIC1

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