Accounts Exploit

Instances where an exploiter took advantage of a vulnerability or bug to cause unintended or unanticipated behavior to occur.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x9e532b19abd155ae5ced76ca2a206a732c68f261ApolloX Exploiter0.84556997 MATIC6
0xd8a5885e456c265e9938fecc3dde7357c58b630cBlur Finance Rug Pull0 MATIC101
0x9f142e0a2b7414dc2ce72258d666d9c538ca886dBlur Finance Rug Pull 20 MATIC874
0xcacf2d28b2a5309e099f0c6e8c60ec3ddf656642BonqDAO Exploiter7.68932571 MATIC22
0x74487eed1e67f4787e8c0570e8d5d168a05254d4bZx PrivKey Exploiter0 MATIC19
0x0acc0e5faa09cb1976237c3a9af3d3d4b2f35fa5bZx PrivKey Exploiter 20 MATIC48
0x967bb571f0fc9ee79c892abf9f99233aa1737e31bZx PrivKey Exploiter 31,473.24768047 MATIC8

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