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Chainlink: Your smart contracts connected to real world data, events and payments.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x93ffee768f74208a7b9f2a4426f0f6bcbb1d09deChainlink: OMG/USD Price Feed0 MATIC2
0x56d55d34ecc616e71ae998accba79f236ff2ff46Chainlink: PAX/USD Price Feed0 MATIC2
0x0f6914d8e7e1214cdb3a4c6fbf729b75c69df608Chainlink: PAXG/USD Price Feed0 MATIC2
0x040dacda344a026350f6884ec212c405a1616506Chainlink: RCN/BTC Price Feed0 MATIC2
0x634b084372f88848ac8f8006dc178aa810a58e89Chainlink: REP/USD Price Feed0 MATIC3
0x3d49406edd4d52fb7ffd25485f32e073b529c924Chainlink: SAND/USD Price Feed0 MATIC2
0x8ce3cac0e6635ce04783709ca3cc4f5fc5304299Chainlink: SGD/USD Price Feed0 MATIC3

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