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Aavegotchi is a DeFi-enabled crypto collectibles game developed by Singapore-based Pixelcraft Studios that allows players to stake Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) avatars with interest-generating aTokens and interact with the Aavegotchi metaverse. It is a unique combination of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFTs.

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Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0xb208f8bb431f580cc4b216826affb128cd1431abAavegotchi: DAO0 MATIC3
0x819c3fc356bb319035f9d2886fac9e57df0343f5Aavegotchi: Deployer0.93579227 MATIC11,384
0x385eeac5cb85a38a9a07a70c73e0a3271cfb54a7Aavegotchi: GHST Token0 MATIC95,819
0x8b1fd78ad67c7da09b682c5392b65ca7caa101b9Aavegotchi: GHST/QUICK Pool0 MATIC4,907
0x096c5ccb33cfc5732bcd1f3195c13dbefc4c82f4Aavegotchi: GHST/USDC Pool0 MATIC6,518
0x86935f11c86623dec8a25696e1c19a8659cbf95dAavegotchi: NFTs0 MATIC2,060,084
0x27df5c6dcd360f372e23d5e63645ec0072d0c098Aavegotchi: Rarity Farming Rewards10 MATIC18
Sum of 7 Accounts0.93579227 MATIC2,178,715

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